Saturday, 14 June 2008

Go For It

What better way to start than with the words 'Go For It!' It is so much easier said than done and I constantly have to remind myself of that every day.

This week I asked my students (I teach EFL) what it was that drove them.
What is it that gets you up in the morning? I gave strict instructions that there answer was not to include the words family (whether child/ren or spouse or partner etc..) but something much more personal.

As usual when put in the position to answer such a query it is hard put to answer and the person in question is usually left gasping and astounded at such a request. But, nevertheless, I ask you again, what is it that gets
you up in the morning?

Is it the sunshine, the promise of what is to come, a need to go to the bathroom, an interview or two? Should you say the word responsibilities, then my next question is to whom? Yourself, your lifestyle, your dependents, your job?

Questions, questions, questions. In this blog (in case you have read the others) this will be different yet again. Before and above all else, we have to know what it is that makes us tick. When I say that you all immediately think of your character, morals, codes of behaviour and maybe even beliefs, but in truth that is not the core of our being, first and foremost is
'what gets you up in the morning?'